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Bhartiya samaj seniors rock on Bollywood numbers on high seas

About hundred seniors from Bhartiya Samaj and the Indian community from Auckland, mesmerised holiday-goers and curious onlookers onboard a cruise ship, somewhere in the middle of Pacific Ocean, with their dance moves on popular Bollywood numbers.

The occasion was an impromptu-organised Bollywood dance fitness class and the venue was the deck of Pacific Jewel cruise ship anchored in high seas of Pacific Ocean. 

Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust president Jeet Suchdev, who was leading the group of seniors on a cruise that many would remember as a cruise of their lifetime, requested the captain of the ship to organise the dance fitness class on Bollywood numbers for benefit of everyone those interested.

The captain of the ship kindly agreed, and the rest was history as popular Bollywood numbers enthralled those participating, and other curious onlookers on board the ship.

The workshop was led by Bollywood fitness trainer, and Puketapapa board member Ella Kumar, and young Bollywood dancer Simran Chadha.

Such was the pull of popular Bollywood numbers and enthusiastic body movements of seniors of the Indian community, and the magnanimity of other fellow guests on board the cruise ship, that within minutes several of them joined the frenzy of dancing fitness exercise.

While many others who were able to resist the temptation of shaking their leg in fitness class through Bollywood dances, could not resist looking at the dance moves of participants, with approval.

The show was a magnificent display of high spirits of seniors in the Indian community, which coincided with the ongoing Elder Abuse Awareness Week (June 15-22), and indeed of ever-growing global acceptability of Indian culture.

A scene from Bollywood movie on the cruise

Meanwhile, the scene within the cruise ship, which had about hundred members of the Indian community, was nothing less than a view of an imaginary destination wedding out from any Bollywood movie.

For, it is in destination wedding scenes, so often depicted in Bollywood movies, that groups of people are seen moving around, gossiping and greeting each other, with loads of food and drinks, without any stress about vagaries of day to day lives.

Mission accomplished

Although it is not known with certainty if the cruise was planned by Bhartiya Samaj to coincide with the Elder Abuse Awareness Week, however, it was able to bring out an overwhelming sense of joy and smiles on the faces of seniors participating in the cruise.

In that sense, it was mission accomplished.


Thursday, June 21, 2018 Sandeep Singh



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