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Who We Are


Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust is a Not for Profit organisation serving the community since 1995. It was founded by Mr. Jeet Suchdev QSM JP and Ms. Roopa Suchdev QSM along with other like minded people. 

We offer a wide range of services through our Senior Citizens Wing, Children & Youth Wing, New Migrants Support Wing and Social Services Wing.

We work responsibly to ensure people of the community are benefited by fostering healthy relations among all members and catering to the social, cultural and emotional needs of these groups especially young children, who hold the future for a better tomorrow. We achieve them with continuous meetings and programs for a better reach among masses.

Benefits to the Community

  • Sense of social inclusion and confidence

  • Building connected and confident communities

  • Supporting volunteerism

  • Mutual Support and companionship

  • Community well being and cultural Identity

  • Enhancing the quality of life of older people in the community

  • Help the elderly to have best possible life in their own cultural environment

  • Kiwi English speaking classes for Seniors

  • Assist newcomers in seeking jobs, reduce barriers to settlement, networking and building relationships

  • Early Years and Youth Development

  • Hindi language skills for children

  • Overall personality development

  • Better understanding of cultural values so the Children remain grounded to their cultural roots and  have stronger family bonds

  • The playgroup encourages the children to develop their social skills, emotional confidence and prepare them to be independent at an early age

  • For the parents attending the playgroup, it is a great platform for the mothers to socially integrate with each other thereby improving their social lives through the development of new relationships

These services are delivered with assistance from Members of Executive Committee of Bhartiya Samaj and Volunteers from the Community. We also work in co-operation with other Community Welfare organisations which are operating Auckland region. 

Our services are available free to the South Asian community irrespective of their language, religion, region and social status.



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