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Children Programme


  Programme for the Children  

Event - multi play 0-5

Multicultural Playgroup: 0-5 Years  

Our Multicultural Playgroup aims to provide a fun learning environment for little ones and prepare them for their future. We aim to provide a place for parents and young children to meet on a regular basis and provide a range of educational activities to foster children’s learning and development consistent with the NZ ECE curriculum – Te Whariki.

Children are encouraged to play alongside with each other, developing early social skills that are essential for later life. This helps in developing their self-esteem and gain confidence in their first independent steps from home.  

There are no commercial costs involved in our services.

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Event - Language

Language and Cultural Classes for Children

The Children and Youth Wing of Bhartiya Samaj runs regular free Language and Cultural Classes every Sunday between 10:30 am and 1:30pm to promote and retain the cultural heritage and values of our great motherland India.

These classes are completely free of cost and all teachers teach on voluntary basis. The hallmark of Bal Vikas Classes is that the programme is conducted under the guidance of Education Chairperson Ms Roopa Suchdev, by teachers who are very knowledgeable, sincere, devoted and have tremendous commitment.

The aim of the Bal Vikas is to foster overall personality development, discipline and cultivation of humility, respect, core human values and selfless service.

The activities conducted are national anthem recitation, yoga and exercises, music lessons, dance workshops and innovative craft. Children are encouraged and provided opportunities such as enacting in dramas, participating in singing, dancing, public-speaking and many more such activities to develop and gain self-confidence as well as attain excellence.

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Annual Summer Camp

Each year we organize a Summer Camp for the Children and Youth of the Community which is aimed at promoting emotional development and enrichment of the young minds. 

The entire focus is on imparting skills like personality development, leadership, community involvement and tolerance/ understanding of multiple cultures and ethnicities, at an early age.

The five days at the Summer Camp are filled with fun activities and workshops related to arts, crafts, drama, yoga, life enrichment skills, developmental games and a full day outing. For the entire five days our volunteer teachers, trainers and coaches come in at various times to devote their skills and knowledge for the development of the young minds.


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