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Caring for those who cared for us

International Day of Older Persons was made special for senior citizens with an eventful day organised by Auckland Indian Association, Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust, and Roopa Aur Aap at Mahatma Gandhi Centre on Sunday.

Everyone was in for a surprise as senior members of Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust performed with vibrant moves and a lot of energy.

It was a perfect opportunity to see generations coming together as Bal Vikas children performed on stage to show their respect, care and love for their parents and seniors.

Bal Vikas's teacher Kanika ji was felicitated by the then Hon MP Michael Wood ji.

All the performers, from senior citizens to little kids were acknowledged for their enthralling music and dance performances.

The performances were followed by a hearty lunch.

Jeet Suchdev ji of Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust thank Hon MP Michael Wood ji, Dhansukh Lal ji of Auckland Indian Association, Roshni Chadha ji and Roopa Suchdev ji of Roopa Aur Aap Charitable Trust for their esteemed presence and participation in making the event successful.

Special thanks to all the attendees, participants, performers, supporters, our volunteers and Ella Kumar ji for making our seniors learn some good moves and workout as they sit in their chairs watching mesmerizing dance performances.



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