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Queenstown BollyKathak Workshop by Simran Chadha

BollyKathak Workshop, a two-and-a-half hour dance workshop by Simran Chadha, was well received in Queenstown.

With a lot of enthusiasm and excitement shown by participants, the workshop took place on Sunday, October 29 at Te Atamira in Queenstown.

Simran Chadha, who came all the way from Auckland to Queenstown to perform at Queenstown Diwali 2023, said, “Such workshops were a great opportunity for dance enthusiasts to learn about rich Indian culture and heritage.”

“The aim of the workshop was to raise awareness about one of India’s classical dance forms Kathak and generate interest by combining it with Bollywood songs and popular moves. Queenstown is my favourite town and I’m going to organise workshops once again for the love of Indian dance and culture,” said Simran Chadha.

The free of cost workshop was organised by Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust.



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