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Bhartiya Samaj host School Holiday Program for Children

Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust hosted its new initiative ‘Holiday Program’ for the children on school term break for July, which was a huge success.

Over 20 children, aged between six and 14 enrolled and participated in the seven-day event of fun and creative activities. The Holiday Program was arranged in the indoors of Bhartiya Samaj Community Hall on May Road.

The children started their days with a fun jump-jam session and followed by a healthy breakfast, and had a day full of stimulating activities designed primarily to enhance their interpersonal development, teamwork skills, creative abilities and to explore and appreciate the nuances of different cultures.

The programme featured special appearances by the New Zealand Police gave an interactive presentation and discussion on around bullying, cyber-bullying, and traffic & road rules.

The children were presented with ideas for personal safety and wellbeing and learned ways of keeping safe on the road, and measures on ensuring personal safety against strangers both in real life and on the cyberspace.

“A special magic show was organized where the magician brought a bag full of tricks and chocolate and performed the act of a floating child,” a spokesperson from Bhartiya Samaj said.

Other activities at the five-day event included a special DIY pot planting and painting workshop organized by Bunnings Warehouse Mt Roskill team and an informative and hands-on workshop by Waste Management NZ team who displayed and discussed how to deal with our waste as an essential life skill to keep the environment safe.

There were multiple arts & craft workshops, including making Chinese paper lanterns, weaving Matariki stars with yarn and pencil sketching.

“The 5-days of the Holiday Program at Bhartiya Samaj was filled with chatter and laughter along with lots of activities in the free time for kids, including movie sessions, and a lot of indoor activities and games to bring fun and to learn together,” Jeet Suchdev, Chairperson of Bhartiya Samaj said.

“We sincerely thank all the volunteers, teachers, stakeholders and parents who were devotedly involved, for their undefinable contributions that made this event a grand success and all sincere efforts were made to make those five days joyful and memorable for the children,” Mr Suchdev added.




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