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Bhartiya Samaj celebrates one-of-its-kind Inter-generational Event

Generations came together at Bhartiya Samaj to Celebrate Culture.

Their faces were lightened up, Their adrenaline was kicked in, They laughed, sang, and danced together.

In one-of-its-kind event, Seniors and Children came together to enjoy a cultural treat at a unique Intergenerational and Hindi Diwas celebration on Saturday, September 10th at Mount Roskill War Memorial Hall, Auckland. Organised by Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust in collaboration with Roopa Aur Aap Charitable Trust. The event provided an opportunity to the younger generation to showcase their talent to seniors, while seniors offered their love, warm embrace, and compliments to the young performers.

The event started with ritual prayers followed by birthday celebrations, and it featured several cultural performances by the children of Bal Vikas language and Cultural classes. We also had Mr. Bobby Shen from the Puketepapa Local Board of Auckland Council, Brooke Olivia Van Velden, the Deputy Leader of Act Party interacting with the attendees sharing their goals and vision for the community. Also, a very soulful singer Rachit Bhatia mesmerised the audience with his melodious voice.

Our Chief guest Sunita ji, shared some insights from her Hindi Book “Anchhuye Sparsh”, dedicated to childhood memories.

Bal Vikas children worked very hard for this day, Special thanks to Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust’s Education Chairperson and Bal Vikas’ teacher Roopa Suchdev ji, Ramya ji (Dance Teacher), Vidya ji (Music teacher), Kanika ji (Bal Vikas teacher) and children’s parents to prepare them well for the event. The performances helped in extending children’s cultural learning. Also, Bhartiya Samaj would like to express its gratitude to all of the volunteers for their tireless support at each meeting.

Overall, the programme witnessed a number of engagements, both children’s parents and seniors gave it great reviews. A round of delectable refreshments, Prize distribution, dance, and music marked the event's conclusion and made the moments memorable for both generations.


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