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Bhartiya Samaj's Summer Camp for children imparting creative knowledge

Children across New Zealand are having school holidays which gives them ample time and opportunity to participate in different summer activities. One of such activities is summer camps organised by different organisations where they are conditioned in an open environment to utilise their leisure time and learn simultaneously.

Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust organised its 17th Annual Summer Camp and enrolled approximately 100 children from the community to participate in the summer activities.

The five-day summer camp has children as young as six-year-olds to 13 years old who are divided into different groups to participate and learn through different activities held throughout the day.

The activities involve creative writing, making art and craft, outdoor sports events, safety learning sessions, dance, yoga, acrobatics, extempore, singing, recitation, to spiritual workshops, cultural knowledge sessions etc.

“We have had an excellent response from the community, and like every year we have some new faces and of course old faces who have been part of this summer camp for a long time,” Chairperson of Bhartiya Samaj, Jeet Suchdev said.

Special mentors from Auckland Library come and provide craft lessons and workshops to children between the age of six and nine.

“One important thing that children learn and are reminded off is safety at home, school, road, and outdoors, especially near water. We had personnel from external agencies who gave a session on water safety- how to be safe around seas, beaches and look out for others when near water- a knowledge which is very important for the migrant communities and children in New Zealand,” Mr Suchdev added.

The activities started from Monday, January 7 at the Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall and Bhartiya Samaj building on May Road and also in the Roskill War grounds, a popular spot for the children for outdoor activities.

Each session provided be it dancing, or learning craft and outdoor sports- some mentors and volunteers carry out the sessions and closely monitor the children and supporting them with their needs.


Thursday, January 10, 2019 Rizwan Mohammad


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