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Bhartiya Samaj Seniors celebrate Republic Day

January 26, 1950, holds a great significance as on this day India’s constitution came into effect and India became a republic, which signifies complete freedom from any form of foreign rule. As India Celebrated its 71st Republic Day on January 26, Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust honoured this annual patriotic day at the Senior Citizens meeting at Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall on Saturday, January 25 with more than 220 senior members, dignitaries, and volunteers.

The day was embraced with enthusiasm, and everyone was at their best to welcome the new year, wishing each other.

The celebrations commenced with Bhartiya Samaj Chair Jeet Suchdev Ji welcoming the gathering and greeting everyone on Indian Republic Day. The dignitaries then wished the Indian community and thanked Bhartiya Samaj for their relentless efforts and commendable work to build an active and connected Indian community.

This was followed with the unfurling of the Indian Tri-color flag by Honorary Consul of India Bhav Dhillon and singing the National Anthem by everyone present there which permeated the atmosphere with the patriotic feeling.

The cultural program was put up to pay tribute to Mother India, where the performers took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity by singing patriotic songs and dance performances.

“The celebrations came alive with the sound of Desi Dhol, exhilarating our hearts and feet dancing to celebrate the Indian Independence. The Indian Patriotic songs brought the audience, and the dignitaries running to the dance floor and shake a leg,” Ruchika Agarwal from Bhartiya Samaj said.

In the wake of Australian Bushfire, Bhartiya Samaj raised a donation of $1000+ to provide relief and recovery in the fire-affected areas.

The grand finale of the event was a lavish spread of sumptuous lunch served by Bhartiya Samaj to everyone present there. Thank you for organising team, dedicated volunteers towards the success of the event.


IWK Bureau



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