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COVID 19 Indian Relief Support

In our continued effort to serve the Indian Community living in NZ, Bhartiya Samaj led an initiative “COVID 19 Indian relief support group” in collaboration with Indian high Commission in NZ along with other community organisations. This is to support the most vulnerable and greatly impacted families due to loss of wages, non-qualification to wage subsidy, students and Indians stranded in NZ due to border restrictions(temporary VISA holders).

Our aim is to supply essential items like food, transitional accommodation and basic supplies free of cost to support their stay in NZ. To track and understand the need of these people we established webpage: and Facebook page: to help them to access our support and assistance.

We received numerous queries and requests from the Indians affected because of lockdown, who are in need of financial assistance, care and right information for their survival in NZ during the coronavirus outbreak. In this gratuitous activity, we help them stock up on much-needed food and household supplies, gave them access to navigate through health and safety guidelines and above all the support much needed during this critical time.



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